Our mission for reinventing the fashion industry is simple; support craftsmanship, inspire timeless pieces and encourage an ever lasting capsule wardrobe.

"Born on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Carlabella is committed to sustainable and ethical
manufacturing, to create feminine, timeless collections”

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  • Sustainable

    Honouring the Earth and the maker. We actively source the most luxurious fabrics that have the least impact on the Environment. This means sustainable and durable raw materials such as Linen and Tencel branded fibres which offer longer lasting colour, softness, and versatility to become key staples of the modern wardrobe.

  • Ethical

    We care about the artisans who make our clothes and strive to uphold intentional lifestyles for everyone involved by leading a heart led, passion filled business that speaks to the conscious soul, without compromising on our values. Our employees are paid a living wage and their working conditions are clean, safe and happy.

  • Timeless

    Thoughtful and feminine design that transcends seasons and trends, not just classics, but not to shy away from what we love. We stand for relaxed and effortless style. We believe in high-quality slow fashion that is kinder to Planet Earth and it's people.

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